How many Fire Fighters do we have?
While the CBVFR currently has approx. 35 Volunteers, the CBVFR has been fortunate enough to have had over 500 community members volunteer their time over the past 73 plus years.
How many calls do we attend?
The call volume of the CBVFR has fluctuated greatly over the years. Currently the CBVFR is responding to an average of 175 calls (one call out every two days) a year for emergency services. Accurate records only date back to 1980, but at the time of the current fire hall replacement the CBVFR was responding to an average of 38 calls a year. The highest recorded year on record is 291 calls. All these incidents are staffed entirely by volunteers who give their personal time to serve our community. This is combined with 50 schedule training sessions, 50 scheduled maintenance sessions and countless additional training sessions, community service activities, charity events etc.